Amazing Delicious

Welcome to Hibachi Go.

We are a family owned restaurant that serves today’s most popular Chinese dishes along with a great selection of Japanese sushi. We open Hibachi Go based on a new trend of restaurants which are very prevalent in the east coast. The theme of the restaurant is preparing food on a hibachi iron grill. We want to bring that same great experience to the people in the Kansas City area, in which we call home.

Hibachi Go is an opened kitchen restaurant that provides dine in and carry out. We use a combination of vegetable and olive oil, along with cooking most of our dishes on a hibachi iron grill, to enhance a healthier way of eating. We believe the United States is becoming more reliant on processed food. Along with everyone’s busy schedule, it’s hard to find time to get something healthy. Our goal is to be able to provide our customer with a clean meal. To do that, we use a customer’s favorite, white meat chicken. Along with all-natural steak, fresh seafood and vegetables. We use the same way to prepare our sushi, and our sushi menu will slowly grow throughout time.

At Hibachi Go, we want to save our customers time. We will accomplish at by keeping our menu short and simple. That way, we can provide you with a fast and smooth service, without sacrificing the food people love. If there’s a dish you desire that is not on the menu, you’re more than welcome to ask our management and we will try our best to make it specially for you.

The ownership of the restaurant has been in restaurant business for 30+ years. With the experience, we are able to combine the knowledge of traditional style dishes, while also adjust to today’s eating habits, to give you the best dining experience.

We are very happy to see you become our customers. We want to emphasis on our customers. Everything about us is not possible without them. We have a huge passion in the restaurant business, and it’s because of the customers, that it will keep on growing. Thank you to all that comes in. We wish to provide you the most delicious food, clean environment, and outstanding service, to the best of our ability. We hope that you will think of us often and come back. Thank you!